Water Walker & Spa

Spa & Walk

The ultimate combination of aerobic exercise and Spa.
The ultimate machine for those who hope to maintain the muscular strength of legs
and lower back for their lifetime.
Promote your health and wellness with Spa & Walk.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for an inquiry about our Spa & Walk.


  • Spa & Walk

    Scheduled to be released in May 2018

    Limited 100 units will be on sale exclusively in Japan & Middle East

  • Spa & Run

    Scheduled to be released in August 2018

Spa & Walk basic specification

Overall dimension L2500 x W2820 x H1600 (Maximum height)
Dimension of main body L2200 x W900 x H1600
Dimension of tank and bathtub part L2500 x W800 x H600
Speed 0~4.0km/h (OPTION)0~11.0km/h
Capacity of power Single phase AC 200V~240V 0.4kW 50/60Hz
Weight of main body 500kg x 1
Weight of tank 120kg x 2
Operation method Touch-screen (By a tablet)
Built-in device
  • 1. Spindle jet 7 holes x 2pcs
  • 2. Variable jet discharge port x 16pcs
  • 3. Micro bubble discharge port x 4pcs
  • 4. LED light x 2 places
  • 5. Shower, Mixing valve, Emergency stop button x 2pcs / each
  • 6. Control box
  • 7. Filtration filter x 2pcs
  • 8. Heater x 2pcs