Water Walker&Spa steed pro
Professional model flagship design

It is a premium specification applicable for even custom-order color or carbon fiber material.
It can be coordinated according to your preference and interior décor.
Based on aqua training walking, speed adjustable up to 11 km / h.
Equipped with two spindle jets as resistance, 14 strong power running jets, a wide range of aqua training is possible.
It is a 3-way function in one machine which is also equipped with a relaxation spa function and body shower function as well.
Microbubble warm bath is available in the relaxation spa function.
It can be used for wide occasions such as walking training for the elderly, maintenance and improvement of health, training for athletes.
It can be coordinated with custom order design color, ideal for hotels, resort facilities, athletes' training facilities, etc.

  • * Since it is a custom-order production, please confirm the delivery date.
  • * For those who want to order a custom design color or carbon fiber, we will create a color chart.
  • Basic specifications

    Main unit dimensionsL2383×W1200×H1801
    Main unit weight300㎏
    Main unit's water level1,150mm
    Maximum speedmax. 11.0 km/h
    Fill time4 min. (maximum level)
    Maximum piping distance10 m from the body to the tank
    Electrical capacitySingle phase AC 200V~240V 0.4kW 50/60Hz
    Operation methodTouch panel tablet (Android)
  • Accessories units

    Spindle nozzle (running water)2
    Variable jet nozzlesMax. 14
    Microbubble (OP)1
    Shower head1
    LED light1
    Body shower (OP)6
    Spa chair1
    Waterproof Speakers2
    SOS railing3
    Heart rate display1
  • Safety device

    Emergency stop buttonsInternal 2
    Emergency stop buttonExternal 1
    Drainage plug for power failure1
  • Back Tank system

    Tank filtration devicePDF
    Underwater tank 2,000 L
    with insulated heater
    Filtration device1
    Rotary chlorine management system1
    Control panel1
    Water supply pump1

OPTION custom-order

Carbon fiber material
Custom-order coloring
For those who want to order custom designed color or carbon fiber, we will create a color chart.


  • Spindle nozzle
  • Variable jet nozzles
  • Microbubble
  • Body shower
  • Carbon fiber material/Custom-order coloring